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Which type of website do YOU have… a pretty website or a website that consistently and effectively converts viewers into PAYING CUSTOMERS?

It’s a PROVEN FACT that pretty websites with fancy graphics are not nearly as effective as plain, simple websites that communicate a powerful, compelling, lazer sharp, cyrstal clear, seductive, irressistable message of VALUE.

It is painfully obvious that the vast majority of web designers are clueless to this FACT. 

Everyday I see people spend tons of money on SEO to drive people to a website that has major design flaws and improper psychological sequencing.  This creates cognitive dissonance and causes viewers to leave the site and go elsewhere.

Sad but true.

If you want to capture the most viewers possible and convert them into paying customers, you absolutely must understand this concept.  If you miss it…by even a little bit…it will cost you dearly in revenues that will ultimately end up in someone else’s bank account.

And that…is another unavoidable FACT.

Thanks for reading this message. 


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