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 Small Business Marketing Tips And Strategies That Work!

If you’re looking for PROVEN ways to attract more new customers, close more sales, increase your current customer referrals, make more money from your website, ads, sales presentations, direct mail…even your business cards…please keep reading because you have come to the right place!

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Dear Small Business Owner,

If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you’re either struggling to grow your small business and you’re looking for some answers that will help you, or your business is growing but you want it to grow a whole lot faster.

FACT: Growing a small business isn’t easy. It is a day-to-day struggle to get new customers.  It can be very frustrating.  I know exactly how it feels. Believe me, I’ve been there.

  • You’d like for your phone to be ringing more often.
  • You wish your employees would bring in more leads and referrals.
  • You’d wish your current customers would refer you more often.
  • You’d like to be getting more new  business from your website.
  • You wish your employees were as motivated and dedicated to growing the business as you are.
  • Bottom line…you’d like to be depositing more money in the bank!

If you agree with even ONE of the above statements, please keep reading and understand the following FACTS:

  • If your sales people are just winging it…operating on instincts and tribal knowledge…without having a well-defined, sophisticated, compelling, and dynamic PROVEN sales presentation, it is costing YOU money!
  • If your field technicians don’t bring in as many leads and referrals as they could or should, it is costing YOU money!
  • If your current customers aren’t referring you as often as they could…it is costing YOU money!
  • If you have more customer cancellations than you should…even one more…it is costing YOU money!
  • If you aren’t getting as much business from your website as you could…it is costing YOU money!
  • And I can tell you, with almost absolute certainty, that the people answering the phones in your office are letting a fortune in new business slip right through their fingers each and every day simply because they aren’t trained on how to capture it. This is costing YOU money!
  • If you have employees who aren’t nearly as dedicated as you are and don’t work hard enough at helping to grow your business…it is costing YOU money!
  • If you don’t really have a well-defined powerful, dynamic, compelling, seductive and irresistible marketing message that you can deliver convincingly in less than 30 seconds…it is costing YOU money!
  • If I asked, “Why Should I Do Business With YOU?”, you would probably tell me basically the same thing that your competitors would tell me if I asked them the same question. This is definitely costing YOU money!
  • If your employees aren’t motivated…it is costing YOU money!
  • If you don’t have nearly as much cash flow as you would like…it is because your business is BLEEDING MONEY!

Bottom line:  Here’s what I found out after years of struggling and frustration. I was NEVER going to improve things on my own. I just didn’t have the knowledge and insights to make it happen. I NEEDED HELP…and so I went out and got it. I only wish I’d done it a lot sooner!

If YOU are struggling to grow your business like I was, you can rest easy because I’m going to tell you where YOU can get that help right now…starting TODAY.

Better yet, just pick up the phone and give me a call at 770-993-0004 and I will treat YOU to a FREE One Hour “Skyrocket Your Sales”  Coaching Session.  It won’t cost you a penny and I guarantee you will come away from the call with some great information and insights on HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS FASTER and EASIER!

But first, why should you listen to me?  What do I know that you might not?

Good questions. Here’s my answer.

I’ve been a successful small business owner for over 37 years, including:

  • I’ve been right where you are now.  
  • Started as out as one man with a spray can and built a successful million dollar pest control business!
  • Owned and operated 5 other successful small businesses.
  • Past president of The Georgia Pest Control Association
  • Currently a pest control marketing coach, consultant and sales trainer
  • Taught thousands of small business owners and sales people how to generate more sales and increase their closing percentages
  • Author of 4 books on selling and motivation

As you can see, when it comes to small  business, I’ve been around the block more than a few times. I’ve had my share of successes…and failures.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve spent over $530,000.00 learning what I know about how to grow a small business and now I want to help YOU grow yours. I will show you exactly what works (and what doesn’t)!

I will show you the truth (and it will definitely surprise you) about what is it that actually makes a person…

  • Click on a website?
  • Stay on the website?
  • Call a phone number?
  • Respond to a postcard?
  • Schedule an appointment?
  • Visit a showroom?
  • Respond to an ad?
  • Sign on the dotted line?
  • And…most important of all…what makes a person decide to write a check or swipe a credit card?
  • WHY would they say YES to ME instead of my competitor?

Using exactly what I will show YOU, I was able to…

  • Dramatically increase the amount of new business I got from my website!
  • I increased  my yellow page ad revenues by over 300 percent!
  • I did a direct mail campaign and generated a 200 percent NET PROFIT!
  • I learned how to say three words that drove a ton of new business to my door! (You won’t believe how simple…and effective…this one is)
  • I put a simple phrase on the side of my vehicles that drove more new customers and new business to my door!
  • Plus a lot of other things that helped create  steady streams of new customers who kept showing up wanting to do business with ME.

And I want to show YOU how to do these things.  Just call me today,  at 770-993-0004, and I’ll treat  you to a FREE One Hour “Skyrocket Your Sales” Coaching Session  And it will be some of the most profound and  helpful information you have ever received.  It will be an eye-opening hour, I promise you.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is, I can show you…

  •  How to get more new customers…period.
  • Where you are losing money day after day…month after month…year after year (I have proven it time and time again).

Call me TODAY and let’s talk about some ways I can help YOU grow your business!



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Plus…if you are a small business owner…you absolutely must read Hal’s Networking book (see below)!

>The Networking NinjaHow to get More New Customers and Tons More Referrals by Becoming a Master Networker and Communicator in your Business Community!”

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In this book you will learn:

  • How to develop a killer elevator speech!
  • How to use your business card to generate more cash!
  • How to convert total strangers into lifetime referral partners!
  • How to build an unmistakable brand FAST!
  • How to always be in the right place at the right time!

Plus a lot more…

Order this book today and start growing your business! Click on the button to order. $19.95 (includes S&H!)   

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Below is  what Hal’s clients have to say about him… 

 (Feel free to contact any of them) 


“When I first heard   Hal’s vision for my company’s growth, I did not believe it was possible; at least not as quickly as it has taken place. I stepped up and jumped in with both feet. And boy I’m glad I did! My business is growing out of control. I was nervous as I hired one new employee, but really needed two! And Hal says this is just the beginning. Wow! If you want your business to double, do about half of what Hal tells you to do, but if you want it to explode…  Do it all! If you would like to hear more about my experience with Hal, please give me a call and I’ll be happy to give you more information.” Tim McWhirter, Canton Termite and Pest Control, 770-479-1

“Hal Coleman is my coach. He advised me to attend a trade show this past March.  He told me exactly what to say and wrote the promotional letter for me to hand out to vendors.  He also coached me on how to follow up with the leads I generated. In the past 90 days since the show, I have sold approximately $50,000.00 in new business from that show…and the leads are still coming in!“  John Taylor, Commercial Pest Management, Phoenix, Az., 623-299-5340

“I can honestly say that the single most valuable thing I have ever done to grow my business was hiring Hal Coleman as my coach.  He has a way of making things seem so simple and, when you do them, they work.  He has given me the confidence to know that I will always be able to go out and get new customers and generate more referrals in my community.  If you are serious about growing your business, you should call Hal today and enroll in his coaching program.  It will benefit you for the rest of your life!”  Joanne Newell, Center for Energetic Healing, Roswell, Ga. 678-744-3257

“My name is Mack Glover and I’m the President of Arrow Pest Service in Panama City, FL. I have been working with Hal Coleman for 1 one year and we have seen a 65% increase in our sales revenue since we have started. I made up my mind that I was going to do whatever he instructed me to do (no matter how CRAZY it might sound) and it has paid off in a BIG way. The return on our investment with Hal is definitely worth it, I DO NOT regret not one penny of it. Hal knows what he is talking about, so just do it. You WILL Not be disappointed, I promise. Hal  is very professional and amazing to work with and I always look forward to our weekly meetings, so much so that I’ve signed up for another year. Please feel free to contact me anytime about Hal’s coaching program.”  Mack Glover – President, Arrow Pest Service, Panama City, Fla. (850) 8741900

“Many thanks for your guidance for the last three years since hiring you!  As you know I have only scratched the surface for the advice you’ve given me.  Regardless, my phone has rung “off the hook” with web generated business-  I am totally in awe of my internet business- you have made it possible for me to really enjoy the freedom of being in my own business!” Mark Hunter, President-LandMark Pest and Wildlife Solutions, Inc., Macon, Ga.  478-972-4357

“I started working with Hal in April, 2014 and it has been a great learning experience!  I am always looking forward to the next session…..because I know it will be a shot of energy! If you want to increase your sales, call Hal.  Much appreciated. Thanks Hal.”     Mike Reed, Rhino Hide, LLC, Eaton Park, Fla.  O. 863-665-0203

“Hal already has a thousand great ideas and he constantly comes up with more.  Just do what he says, don’t do anything before talking to him about it and you will be a successful business owner.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.”  Jon Fulsom, J & L Termite and Pest Control, Owasso, Oklahoma,  918-798-8690

“I have worked with Hal for only four hours of time so far and already it has paid off.  He has me thinking in a whole different way. After our first meeting I put two of his ideas into place.  Four days later I had a lady call our office and thank me for what we had done for her and turns out she was the person that handles the purchasing for her company and it turned into a $20,000.00 sale and new account. The thing about working with Hal is that if you listen and take good notes you will have all the tools you need to be successful. He presents selling in such a way that you can’t help but see why it works. It definitely will change the way you sell.  I’m a customer for life!”  Chris Schneider – Turf Gator Lawn & Pest, Lebanon, Illinois – 618-233-7600

“Hal, with much consideration, contemplation and consummation of what entered my brain today, I can’t thank you enough for your time and knowledge in giving us the tools to become successful. I absolutely will look at my approach differently and for the better. I look forward to working with you in the future. I very much appreciate your no nonsense and honest approach in helping folks realize just a better way to communicate. You’re a gem of a gentleman, and I thank you.” J. Deron Lewis – Rhinohide, LLC – Lakeland, Fla. 866-347-4466

“I booked one day of coaching with Hal Coleman and I can honestly say that I got my money’s worth during the very first hour we spent together.  I received so much powerful and useful information that I was blown away by it.  He certainly lived up to his reputation of over-delivering on everything he promises.  I would tell you that, if you want to learn how to get more new customers and grow your business, you need to book a day with Hal.  It’ll be a day you’ll never forget.  I can tell you right now that I will be spending more time with Hal in the future!”  

 Mark Hunter – President, Landmark Pest  and Wildlife Solutions, Macon, Ga.  478-972-4357

 “Hal Coleman taught me how to generate leads, referrals and new business by using his networking strategies and it has been worth a fortune to me over the past 12 years. If you listen to Hal, you will learn how to easily grow your business.” 

 Mike Stewart – SoundPages.com – Internet Marketer – Gainesville, Ga.    770-888-2276 

“Hal Coleman told me to put a simple sign on the side of my vehicle….and exactly what it should say…..and I did it.  And it works.  I get new sales because of the message on the side of my vehicle.  Thanks Hal!”

 Lisa Smith – Sales, Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Alpharetta, Ga.  ,770-993-8806   ext. 305
  “I was having a slow year and decided to advertise in a local community magazine.  Hal Coleman told me 5 things to do to my ad that would cause people to call me.  At first, I thought it was pretty outrageous stuff.  It went totally against what other advertising agents had told me.  But, I listened to Hal and designed my ad according to his instructions.  Well, all I can say is…..I got slammed with so much business I couldn’t handle it all.  We were working 7 days a week for awhile, just from calls coming in from that one ad.  If you listen to Hal and do what he says, you will get more customers. (This is not the first time I have used Hal as a consultant, and it has paid off every time!)”  
 David Garland – President, Garland Services, Inc, .Douglasville, Ga.        678-414-7798 
  “This past year we hired Hal Coleman to teach our service professionals a simple strategy for generating leads from total strangers on the street, and additional referrals from our current customers.   Over the next 60 days, using his technique, we generated 300 new sales, which resulted in over $80,000.00 in additional income.  Thanks Hal!” 
 Greg Vines – Vice President, Allgood Pest Solutions, Dublin, Ga.,     478-272-6271 
 “Hal, You may remember that Dena and I attended your seminar last fall.  And, we invited you to our company to do a management session recently. I greatly appreciate your continuing efforts to help us.  Every dollar I have spent on your advice has been an incredible bargain for us.  And, I have used lots of consultants over the years.  I will be in touch for future help and advice.” 
  Jeff Annis – Advanced  Services, Inc.- Augusta, GA.- Martinez, GA., Aiken, SC        706-860-0116  
  “After attending one of Hal’s seminars, I made one change in the signage on the side of my truck and the new business I got as a result more than paid for the cost of the seminar.  His stuff works.” 
 Manuel Snipes – President, Azalea City Exterminating – Valdosta, Ga.       229-241-9372 
 “This past year I hired Hal Coleman to coach me on how to market my pest control company.  I’ll have to admit, I thought he was a little crazy at first.  But I did what he told me to do, and it has led to new sales and new customers, just like he said it would.   If you want to know how to get more new customers for your pest control business, you definitely need to get Hal into your office ASAP and let him show you how. I will definitely be using his services again!
  Fred Talley, Faith Pest Control, Talking Rock, Ga. 770-823-9202


  If you’re tired of the same ole stuff and want to be educated, inspired, uplifted and entertained at the same time, you need to talk to your association and get them to book Hal Coleman for your next conference.  Your people will not only thank you, but they will insist that you bring him back again!

 He is funny, talented and GUARANTEED to entertain and educate your audience. Nobody falls asleep when Hal Coleman is on stage!

 “Hal is an incredibly talented speaker and entertainer. His insights into the industry are unique and he has a way of connecting with his audience that not only educates them, but leaves them entertained, motivated and uplifted.  I would highly recommend Hal as a speaker for your next conference or keynoter at your banquet or convention.”
 Valera Jessee, Executive Director, The Georgia Pest Control Association,  Valera@GPCA.org , 770-417-1881
 “Hal delivered an outstanding keynote speech that far exceeded our expectations.  Everyone raved about his wit, humor, and down-to-earth presentation style.  Hal kept the audience fully engaged and his message was very thought provoking.  We feel confident that his practical insights will add great value to what we do.”
  Craig Goodwin, Director, Learning Solutions, Technical, Rollins, Inc.,  cgoodwin@rollins.com.   404-877-4600
 “Hal Coleman will certainly leave your audience quenching for more.  He is a marketing guru.  The strategies and techniques he teaches are so easy to understand and follow. You leave thinking, ‘Now why didn’t I think of that?’  I would highly recommend him as a speaker.  You will laugh a lot and learn a lot at the same time. He is great.”
  Chris Wescott, UnivarUSA, ChrisCWescott@gmail.com   770-823-5656
 “I have heard Hal Coleman speak on several occasions and I would highly recommend him for your next conference or convention.  His knowledge of the industry and his unique, humorous approach add up to a fun and entertaining presentation.  In addition, you will come away with very good information.”
 Eunice Hall, Senior Sales Specialist, Dow Agrisciences, 770-592-2193
 Book Hal Coleman to speak at your next banquet, convention or luncheon, or arrange to have him come into your office and show you and your sales team how to generate more referrals, close more deals and get more new customers……GUARANTEED!

 To contact Hal or to book him for an event, call 770-993-0004 or email Hal@HalColeman.com

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